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Outsourced Controller and Accounting

Outsourced Controller

Getting the Numbers Right

At Market and Margin we make it easy to work with your accounting operations. We're dedicated to the fiduciary responsibility of our clients and always keep their best interests as priority one. Our experience and knowledge save you money and take the stress out of dealing with your company's finances and related compliance.   

Regardless of the level of support you need, we'll create a service package designed for you. Let us set you up for fiduciary success so you can focus on running your company.

Finacial Reportin

Implementation of best practices for a strong financial framework following U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)

The key to good financial data is a strong financial framework following US GAAP. We follow best practices to make the financial transactions such as purchases, sales, and payments work better, faster, and more efficiently with fewer problems and mistakes, resulting in accurate financial reporting and analysis.

Technology has ramped up the speed and volume of data businesses have to deal with. The same is true for your customers. Their needs and expectations are changing, too. Our digital bookkeeping, KPI reporting, and analytics automation create a digital footprint to easily access data to make sure you meet those demands. We support your financial digital footprint and its underlying data, using data best practices and single source of truth methodology. We support you with customized KPI dashboards.

Digital bookkeeping, KPI reporting & analytics automation 

Digital bookkeeping, KPI reporting & analytics automation 

 Gap analysis and internal control risk mitigation

A control gap occurs when a control does not exit, does not effectively mitigate a risk, or does not operate effectively. This results in a small loss or error to theft and fraud. We work with management to understand your vulnerabilities, and then ensure proper mitigation plans and remediation timelines are in place. 

Every entrepreneur has some kind of capital sourcing needs. Your return on investment is improved with debt and equity financing when your company undergoes annual audits. We tick-and-tie, follow best practices for work papers, and are the point-of-contact for the external auditor, putting you in the strongest financial reporting position to attract the capital you need.

Audit readiness and support

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