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Outsourced Chief Financial Officer

Using the #s to drive decisions

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At Market and Margin we provide information and guidance using your company's operations, products, management, accounting, financial, compliance, and other technical information, making growing your company easy and boosting your ROI.

Investor and management-ready reporting

Management and investors need timely and accurate reporting. We add value to your company from management reporting for superior operations to GAAP normalization for pitch decks. Our use of best practices creates a strong financial framework allowing for exactly that.

Budgeting, forecasting, and modeling​

Budgets, forecasts and models are closely-related financial tools and are important for the success

of your company. Our priority is to take the time to really understand how your company works so we can optimize these  tools to give you reliable and realistic reporting every time. 

Capital sourcing and covenant management

Debt and equity financing require hard work followed up with covenant requirements and, of course, money. We work with potential buyers and banks from pitch deck support such as GAAP normalization, and net working capital analysis to bank loan packages. After the deal is complete, we provide debt covenant management services facilitating an easy relationship with your funding provider.

Sell-side due diligence

Sell-side due diligence needs to be pristinely managed not only because of the vast amount of work that goes along with the due diligence process but also because disorganization decreases the value of your company. Making the process more difficult is the numerous times you are asked the same questions and for the same document over and again. We streamline this process by managing the communications and documents, funneling the duplicative nature away from you, leaving you free to run your company with confidence that the details are covered.  

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is your company's process of defining its direction and making decisions on resource allocation to pursue the strategy for a successful mission. We work with executive management to develop and review your company's strategic plan, to ensure success, including internal control mechanisms that guide the implementation of the strategy.   

Capital Sourcing
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