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Business Tax

Planning and compliance by the #s

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At, Market and Margin we provide full cycle services from helping you set up your company through to  tax and compliance requirements. Our approach incorporates your company's strategy and growth trajectory to determine the most effective tax planning and compliance strategies. 

Tax planning & mitigation strategies 

Improving your tax situation after the fact is the least effective way to go. In fact, this is a sure way to pay the most in taxes. We pursue proactive tax planning and mitigation strategies as aggressively as the law allows. 

SALT and payroll tax preparation & compliance 

SALT and payroll tax compliance is tedious to get right and filed correctly. A business's presence in multiple states adds an additional layer of complexity to the complicated tax compliance. We understand the intricacies needed to accurately calculate and file SALT and payroll taxes on time.       

Tax return preparation & compliance

Federal and state tax preparation and compliance is a must for every company. Your company can't afford to risk missteps with regulatory bodies, even accidently. As part of our focus on client satisfaction, we will provide options for deductions and get your taxes filed correctly and on time.   

Nexus analysis

Nexus is the amount of presence a business has in a certain location. As your company's footprint continues to grow, nexus triggers occur, establishing tax liability in that jurisdiction. We provide in-depth analysis and recommendations on your company's nexus current and future-state.    

Tax Planning
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